What is the Forest Education Initiative?

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What is the Forest Education Initiative?

Forest Education Initiative (FEI) aims to increase the understanding and appreciation, particularly among young people, of the environmental, social, and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests and of the link between the tree and everyday wood products. The need for such a greater understanding is vital. Woodlands provide environmentally sustainable building materials and many other products essential to daily life. Wood products require less energy to manufacture and maintain than other non-renewable materials and they can be easily recycled. Woodlands benefit our environment and provide a great setting for education and recreation, as well as much-needed jobs in the rural economy.

FEI brings this information to young people - in their homes, in schools and in colleges. Where possible, we encourage the public, especially young people, to use trees, timber and the forest environment for learning and gaining skills within their natural environment.

The main target audiences are:

FEI produces a range of learning resources, which are available to all.


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